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Jane is a tea specialist, tea historian, tea writer, tea consultant, tea masterclass

At the World Tea Awards ceremony on 31st May 2014 on board The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, JANE received Best Educator Award.  

Two of her books were also nominated for Best New Tea Book Award - A Social History of Tea (co-authored with Bruce Richardson)  and The Tea Sommelier Handbook in Spanish and English (co-authored wuth Victoria Bisogno).


Latest Publication: Tea Sommelier Handbook, by Jane Pettigrew & Victoria Bisogno

Tea Sommelier Handbook by Victoria Bisogno and Jane Pettigrew

Tea Sommelier Handbook by Victoria Bisogno and Jane Pettigrew.

The demand for Tea Sommelier training is growing fast all around the world and Spanish speakers in the US, Mexico and Latin America are amongst the increasing number of tea lovers who want to learn more about their favourite beverage.  The Tea Sommelier Handbook gives information about the history of tea, the tea plant and how it grows, teas from different countries, manufacturing styles, brewing techniques, tea service, sensory evaluation, tea ceremonies, tea cocktails, and the etiquette of tea.  It is now available in just Spanish or in a Spanish/English edition.  For more information or to order a copy, go to

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Comments from some of those who have attended a masterclass

"We would like to thank you and Tim for the excellent class on Saturday. Such a relaxed attitude, perfect timing and an absolutely thrilling experience. I would certainly recommend your course to anyone."

"Thank you for delivering such a terrific Masterclass - it was a perfect balance between theoretical and the practical and it was beautifully rounded off by a sumptuous afternoon tea."

"I enjoyed the class so much. I was impressed with how much information you pack into such a short time and yet it's so much fun."


Jane's Books

Jane has written 14 books on the many and varied aspects of tea, its production, history and culture, and she writes for tea related magazines and journals.

Tea Classified Her 'Tea Lover's Companion' is now out of print but a brand new edition is available with the title 'Tea Classified'. This has updated information, lots of new photos and, in the directory, new information and new photos of teas from tea regions not included in previous editions - Vietnam, Korea, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Thailand, the UK and the USA. This is the ideal book for all new tea lovers and for anyone who wishes to find out more about tea manufacture, different categories of tea, and what types of tea come from different tea producing countries.

She also gives regular tea masterclasses and tea tastings, speaks on radio and TV and acts as consultant to tea companies, new tea businesses, table ware and tea ware companies.

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A Social History of Tea

  • Price: £18.99
  • Publisher: Benjamin Press
  • Jane Pettigrew's classic British book has been updated and expanded with the assistance of American tea writer Bruce Richardson. No beverage has shaped Western civilization more than the ancient elixir - tea. Following its amazing journey from Canton to London, Boston and beyond as these two leaders of the today's tea renaissance weave a fascinating story detailing how the leaves of a simple Asian plant shaped the culture and politics of both The United Kingdom and The United States.

  • Buy this book: Visit the Benjamin Press US site to purchase a copy


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