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Tea Masterclass and Tea Tasting sessions by Jane Pettigrew

UK Tea Academy

Jane is now Director of Studies for the new UK Tea Academy, launched in January 2016. To find out about courses, prices, dates, and the content of the courses, please go to:


The new UK Tea Academy launching in January 2016


UK Tea Academy Courses

Courses at different levels are available:

- Tea Champion: 2 days or 4 half day courses

- Tea Sommelier: 4 day or 8 half day courses

- Tea Master: individual modules in adanced subjects


A Social History of Tea

  • Price: £18.99
  • Publisher: Benjamin Press
  • Jane Pettigrew's classic British book has been updated and expanded with the assistance of American tea writer Bruce Richardson. No beverage has shaped Western civilization more than the ancient elixir - tea. Following its amazing journey from Canton to London, Boston and beyond as these two leaders of the today's tea renaissance weave a fascinating story detailing how the leaves of a simple Asian plant shaped the culture and politics of both The United Kingdom and The United States.

  • Buy this book: Visit the Benjamin Press US site to purchase a copy